5 Online Review Platforms

By | March 22, 2021

You have to wonder if you don’t know the answer to why most businesses are focused on building their own review bank and posting them on online platforms. This is because reviews are a leading influence in the minds of customers when making a purchase. According to a survey about 93 percent of customers look for reviews only when they go shopping.

The more you get updates on online review platforms, the better you become for online customers. And consumers are asked by their businesses to leave negative or positive (especially good) reviews about their online experience.

Online reviews are not a joke (as there are endless funny and fun updates out there). That means higher review sites are something businesses should be aware of.

Online reviews are so important to the existence of an online business that you should take it more seriously than ever before. And some people may be afraid to go that way because of other side effects that may come from online updates such as:

Not getting any updates
Getting a lot of negative reviews
Not getting the latest updates from customers
But this fear should not let you leave the race to get updates from customers. There are many review platforms that test whether the review is real or not. And they are looking for someone who is trying to tarnish your brand name in this way.

Benefits of Posting Online Reviews

First let’s take a look at some of the benefits of having business reviews on online platforms.

The reputation of an online business depends largely on these review platforms
Another way to get ahead in the competition
You can get real feedback from these websites
Traffic on these platforms can get you more customers or leads
An advanced platform for submitting online reviews

There are many review sites available online, and you should try to get your updates on as many sites as possible. But we have made a list of the 5 most popular Platforms in the US and they have great traffic and reviews all over the world.

Google My Business
Google My Business is a great platform for posting your business and having updates online. Ranked 1st in Alexa rank. The average traffic from the US to Google My Business is 158.03 Million. You can post any type of business there.

If you are a retailer of any product you must have an account on amazon. It is one of the largest online retailers in the world. This website has 85.44 million visitors from the US. And its Alexa rank is 3 which means a lot. Every e-commerce website also has to create an account on Amazon because it has lost a large portion of its sales.

Facebook is one of the great platforms that allows you to have the option to let people leave updates on your business page. Almost everyone in the world is using Facebook. It has 4 Alexa Rank in the US. It produces between 85.57 million users from the US. Because it is a social networking site it is possible for people to review and recommend your page or your business to others.

Yelp is also a well-known website for posting online business reviews. It’s not a niche for customers which means you can post any type of business and people will review it on Yelp. It ranks 64th in the US Alexa rank. The website receives 40.47 million visitors from the United States each month.

Travel guide
Travel guide is one of the most popular review platforms when it comes to travel, restaurants and hotels. It has thousands of limited businesses on the platform. With an Alexa rank of 118 it gets 28.27 million monthly visitors from the US.