Best Doctoral Programs in Education

By | March 22, 2021

Education is a large field of study. There are many technologies in the field related to the various areas and the use of education. A doctorate in education is usually called PhD Education (Doctor of Philosophy in Education), Ed.D (Doctor of Education) or D. (Doctor of Education).

Doctoral studies in education typically include areas such as research, educational development, management, curriculum and teaching and academic psychology to name a few. Many universities around the world offer doctoral degrees that are highly beneficial in education.

Some of the Doctorate in Education programs are discussed below. The following list looks at the best universities offering the best doctoral degrees.

Stanford University
Stanford University is a major academic name. The American university is ranked in the top 5 universities in the world. The university offers 21 doctoral programs in the field of Education through three integrated programs. The university offers doctoral degrees based on academic management, psychology and teacher development and teacher training. These programs are considered extremely top-notch as they feature high recruitment and research output.

Oxford University
Oxford University is the world’s leading academic and research institute and is ranked second in its doctorate in education. The Oxford Department of Education offers degrees in the fields of language, understanding and development, policy and social and economic etc. University research helps students learn the structure of knowledge and its structure in addition to learning instructional subjects. These are broad areas within Education and many different research areas fall under this category. Graduates have a high degree of research and performance as teacher training is also offered.

Harvard University
American academic Harvard has been providing degrees and higher education in the field of Education. The university offers its highly respected doctors in education including Ed.D in leadership. The highlight of these titles is the variety of areas covered by the department. It provides educational and research opportunities in areas including adult education, international education policy, higher education and human development and education. In addition to academic degrees, students are also provided with practice and knowledge of their specific learning areas.

University of California, Berkley
Another top American university on this list is UCB. The university offers a variety of doctoral degrees in the field of Education in a variety of technologies. Another special feature of the programs is the inclusion of impacts on race, gender and class. Studies look at the political impact of education. Degrees provide a wide range of research and practical experience and courses can include teacher training.

University of Hong Kong
The Department of Education at Hong Kong University is one of the most highly regarded departments in the world. Medical studies are conducted in both Chinese and English. The department offers a variety of courses including technology linked to STEM courses. Doctoral degrees include areas of learning related to learning, comprehension, speaking and hearing, IT, academic leadership and mathematics.